Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym — Build Muscle at Home (my review)

Why the Weider Ultimate Body Works Might Be Right for You

If you have decided it’s finally time to get in shape but you don’t want the hassle and expense of driving to a crowded gym several times a week, chances are pretty good you’ve considered building out your own home gym.

But what sort of equipment do you need, and how much will it cost?

The answers to those questions depend on your specific goals, budget, and available space.

If you’re interested in building new muscle for a reasonable cost and don’t have a lot of extra room to play with, then the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym might be the answer to your training needs.

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Dozens of Exercises Right in Your Living Room …

Even though the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym is small — just 71 inches long by 26 1/2 inches wide and 49 1/2 inches tall when fully assembled — it still lets you perform more than 50 body-building movements.

Some of the exercises you can do include …

  • Arm Pullover
  • Butterfly
  • Abdominal Crunch
  • Hip Abduction
  • Squat
  • Seated Row
  • Side Pull
  • Toe Raise
  • Pull Up
  • Side Bend

Check out the Weider Ultimate Body Works exercise chart below to get an idea of just how many different exercises this home gym offers.

Weider Ultimate Body Works workout chart

Compact Storage

One of the great features of the Ultimate Body Works is that it doesn’t have to clutter up your floor when you’re not using it.

The unit folds down to a size of about 69 inches by 25 inches by just 8 inches high. That means you have lots of options for sliding it out of the way when you’re done exercising.Weider Ultimate Body Works Power Straps Folded

If you work out in your bedroom, you can slip it under your bed.

If you prefer pumping up in the living room, slide the home gym under your futon when you’re not exercising.

Or pick any other area of the house that gives you enough space to work out, and then fold up the Weider Ultimate Body Works and stand it up in a closet or behind a door when you’re done.

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Heavy Resistance Without Weights

When you’re short on budget or available space, one of the big stumbling blocks to building an effective home gym is the need for lots of bulky weights. Dumbbells, barbells and plates, and even weight benches take up a lot of room … and they’re expensive!

This is an area where the Weider Ultimate Body Works really shines.

Using a combination of cables, pulleys, and power bands, this home gym lets you hit your muscles with just the right amount of resistance.

Weider Ultimate Body Works cables and pulleys

The higher you raise the bench, the “heavier” the weight. And when you reach your limit with the pulleys, you can add up to 50 pounds of extra resistance using the 4 power bands that come with the unit.

While you won’t set any powerlifting records or become a champion bodybuilder using just the Ultimate Body Works, it provides plenty of resistance for most lifters and will help you get more fit and toned.

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Heavy-Duty Construction for Stable Performance

One of the major considerations when selecting a home gym is safety and durability.

Simply put, many pieces of equipment that are affordable enough for your home gym will be flimsy, meaning they might break or flip over while you’re exercising.

Terrible for your workout and also dangerous!

Shoddy production also means that these machines won’t last very long at all.

You really don’t have to worry about these issues with the Weider Ultimate Body Works because its frame is made with durable steel tubing. The padding and handles use thick, heavy foam to ensure comfort and durability, as well.

Weider Ultimate Body Works frame

And, at a hefty 77 pounds, this home gym won’t slide around the floor or wobble from side to side as you work out.

Read through the customer reviews on Amazon, and you’ll find hundreds of people who are using this quality piece of equipment safely, and scores who have been using it for years.

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  • Heavy-duty construction provides a stable and comfortable workout experience.
  • Quality materials and workmanship make for a durable home gym that should last you for years.
  • Adjustable resistance allows you to progress as you get stronger and fitter.
  • Cables, pulleys, and power bands provide the resistance for your exercises, meaning you don’t need to fight with bulky free weights.
  • Compact design allows you to work out in a small area.
  • Folds up for storing under beds, in closets, or behind doors between uses.
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Extremely versatile, allowing you to perform more than 50 resistance exercises.
  • 90-day warranty on parts and labor
  • Developed by Weider, a trusted name in the fitness industry for decades.


  • At nearly 80 pounds, the Weider Ultimate Body Works might be difficult for some people to move around by themselves.
  • While the lack of physical weights is convenient, it also limits how far you can build your physique using this home gym. The Weider Ultimate Body Works won’t make you a champion bodybuilder, but it can help you get fitter and stronger.
  • May be too big and bulky for really small-framed people.
  • May not be rugged enough for really large people (stated weight capacity is 250 pounds).

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Reviews

The reviews from Amazon users who have purchased the Weider Ultimate Body Works are overwhelmingly positive, with nearly two-thirds of customers giving a top-rated 5-star ranking.

Click here to read more detailed reviews from the Amazon customers.


Dimensions: 62 x 19 x 8 inches (shipped); 71 x 26.5 x 49.5 inches (assembled)

Shipping Weight: 77 pounds

Warranty: 90-day parts & labor

Weider Ultimate Body Works man working out

Final Verdict: Is the Weider Ultimate Body Works for You?

No single piece of workout equipment can serve the needs of every person. However, the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym can help you meet your goals if you …

  • Are ready to improve your fitness at home.
  • Want to stay away from crowded gyms.
  • Need a compact and sturdy exercise machine.
  • Don’t want to mess with bulky weights or build huge muscles.
  • Are looking to tone up and get stronger & fitter.
  • Have a limited budget for building your home gym.

If one or more of these sound like you, this might be the right home gym for you.

For its overall versatility, compact design, affordability, and durability, we give the Weider Ultimate Body Works 4.5 stars out of 5.

Click here to buy the Weider Ultimate Body Works at Amazon.